AccuWeather dot com: Crushing, Cruising Snowstorm to Plaster Northeast Saturday

A foot of heavy wet, back-breaking snow will plaster areas north and west of I-95 Saturday, causing massive power outages, downed trees and travel nightmares.

The storm will hit hard and fast, traveling from southwest to northeast over the mid-Atlantic and New England in less than 24 hours.

The heaviest snow from the storm will stretch from along the Virginia/West Virginia border through a large swath of central and eastern Pennsylvania to southeastern New York state, northwestern New Jersey, northern Connecticut, central and western Massachusetts to southern New Hampshire and southwestern Maine.

Cities that are likely to receive the heaviest snowfall include: Hartford, Conn., Frederick, Md., Worcester, Mass., Nashua, N.H., Netcong, N.J., Newburgh, N.Y., Scranton, Pa., Winchester, Va. and Martinsburg, W.Va.

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Reuters: Record snow again buries Northeast

A thick blanket of snow covered Northeast on Thursday, as the fifth major storm of the winter set snowfall records, delayed the opening of financial markets and clogged Washington highways with abandoned cars.

Snow fell from Virginia to Maine on Wednesday night and into Thursday morning, putting additional strain on cities and states already faced with overwhelming budget deficits. Almost 630,000 homes and businesses in the region lost power, but utilities said they hoped to restore electricity to most in the next two days.

The latest storm in an unusually snowy winter even trapped President Barack Obama who was among thousands of motorists on snow-blocked roadways at the height of the storm on Wednesday. Washington drivers reported 45-minute commutes turned into 10-hour nightmares when major thoroughfares became gridlocked with hundreds of abandoned cars.

“It looked like a bumper-car graveyard out there. There were so many abandoned cars, at so many different angles and so many different places on the road,” a listener told Washington’s WTOP radio.

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Pictures of yesterday’s snow in Washington, DC and New York

New York City Street

Washington Monument

White House, Washington, DC

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