The drums are beating louder for war. The British are sending more ships to the Middle East. They now do not have any ships to guard the British Isles (see news report link at bottom of this post).

Iran is thought to have been moving centrifuges (for enriching bomb-grade uranium) into a heavily fortified military base dug underneath a mountain. The subterranean base is so well fortified that missile strikes may not be able to reach it.

The nation of Iran has 78,000,000 people according to the CIA Factbook. The Iranian military reportedly has the eighth largest standing army in the world. Iran also manufactures military equipment.

An attack on Iran will be a bloody conflict. It would likely trigger what will become World War III. Russia and China are sure to attack the US and the UK in the flanks if there is a head-on confrontation with Iran.

UK naval destroyer “HMS Daring”

UK military steps up plans for Iran attack amid fresh nuclear fears

Britain’s armed forces are stepping up their contingency planning for potential military action against Iran amid mounting concern about Tehran’s nuclear enrichment programme, the Guardian has learned.

In anticipation of a potential attack, British military planners are examining where best to deploy Royal Navy ships and submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles over the coming months as part of what would be an air and sea campaign...

Ministers have also been told that the Iranians have been moving some more efficient centrifuges into the heavily-fortified military base dug beneath a mountain near the city of Qom.

The concern is that the centrifuges, which can be used to enrich uranium for use in weapons, are now so well protected within the site that missile strikes may not be able to reach them. The senior Whitehall source said the Iranians appeared to be shielding “material and capability” inside the base.

Another Whitehall official, with knowledge of Britain’s military planning, said that within the next 12 months Iran may have hidden all the material it needs to continue a covert weapons programme inside fortified bunkers. He said this had necessitated the UK’s planning being taken to a new level.

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