Of course, Michael Moore won’t have Godly Christian laws like debt release every seven years and the year of the jubilee every fiftieth year.

Michael Moore says “We’re going to replace capitalism as we know it”

Michael Moore tells CNN’s Anderson Cooper that capitalism as we know it is over. Moore say capitalism is where “the problem” is. Moore was broadcasting from “Occupy Oakland.”

“So, let’s not use the old definition where we think — when we say capitalism, we’re talking about 2011. 2011 capitalism is an evil system set up to benefit the few at the expense of the many. That’s what happened, and that’s what people are tired of. Which is too bad for the capitalists because I think a lot of people, perhaps in this crowd, probably used to support the ‘old-style’ of capitalism,” Moore said on CNN.

“So, what system do you want?” Anderson Cooper asked Moore.

“Well there’s no system right now that exists. We’re going to create that system. This movement, this movement in the next year, or two, or few years is going to create a democratic economic system. That’s the most important thing. Whatever we come up with it has to have at its core — the American people are going to be the one’s controlling this economy. We’re going to have a say, a big say, the say in how this economy is run,” Moore said.

Moore says the Occupy group and himself have “declared” the current economic system as over. “It’s just a matter of time until we make that happen,” Moore said.

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