Russian president Vladimir Putin has accused the US government of instigating the protests in Russia against him. “Putin accuses Clinton of instigating protesters

Bible Times Today has earlier made posts about US troops surrounding Syria. “US troops reported to be amassing around Syria’s border

Also, we made a post about Russia selling 72 Yakhont anti-ship cruise missiles to Syria. “Russia delivers 72 anti-ship cruise missiles to Syria

And then you’ve heard about the off-again/on-again missile defense system the US is planning to build in Poland. Russia considers the missile defense system to be an encroachment against them. “US adamant about building missile bases in Europe in spite of Russian protests

So, now we’ve got Syria deploying the Russian made Bastion mobile missile launch system, which uses the Yakhont cruise missiles, along its coast line. The Yakhont cruise missile can fly 15 feet above the water at a velocity of two times the speed of sound. (See Yakhont Anti-Ship Missile)

Basically, the Yakhont cruise missile is capable of sinking any ships within the eastern region of the Mediterranean Sea.

Syria deploys “Bastion” missile system along coastline

Syria is deploying the “Bastion” advanced missile system along its coast. There had been uncertainty over the contract to supply Syria with Russia’s advanced mobile coastal defence system L-300P “Bastion” carrying “Yakhont” missiles. Few people believed in the possibility of supplying Damascus with these weapons after the launch of the “reset” between Russia and the U.S. in 2009 because the move could really upset the balance of power in the Eastern Mediterranean. Read the rest of the story on The Voice of Russia news web site.