There is a report being made by a foreign news agency that says Iran has technology to blind US spy satellites. The news agency, Ynet news dot com, says that a European  intelligence source told the Christian Science Monitor that the Iranians have access to jamming technology to disable US spy satellites.

Russia and China are not known for their technological prowess. So it’s not likely that they could have developed the technology and gave or sold it to Iran.

If Iran does have satellite jamming technology then an entity or a spy ring within the United States government would have had to have stolen the technology and then sold it to Iran.

Bible Times Today has made earlier posts about the US spy drone that fell into Iranian hands. Here are two posts about the issue:

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There is something peculiar about the US spy drone to Iran scenario. It is strange that a country like Iran, who like Russia and China is not known for technological prowess, could have commandeered a sophisticated stealth spy drone. Strange indeed.

Maybe Iran does have possession of high technology that permits them to interfere with US military equipment. The only question is: Where did they get it?

Report: Iran ‘blinded’ CIA spy satellite

Is Iran in possession of satellite jamming technology? A European intelligence source claimed Iran stunned Western intelligence agencies when it managed to “blind a CIA spy satellite by aiming a laser burst quite accurately,” in a never before reported incident.

According to an article in The Christian Science Monitor, this unreported incident might suggest that the Iranians have successively gained access to jamming technology, allowing them to track unmanned aerial vehicle navigation capabilities.

Former US Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton told Fox News on Sunday that such an option is possible.

“Some reports have said Russia sold (Iran) a very sophisticated jamming system a short time ago. Now, our military says that is not true, it came down because of a malfunction. I certainly hope that’s right because if the Russians have provided Iran with sophisticated jamming equipment it means a lot else is at risk too,” said Bolton.

He added that Congress should be quite concerned if Iran is in possession of jamming technology that can bring down missiles, planes and communications and guidance systems “for a whole range of our weapon systems.” Read rest of the report on Ynet news dot com

Declassified spy satellite on display at the Smithsonian Institute.

Artists’ rendering of a US spy satellite.