North Korea has an extensive network of tunnels. Many of them run underneath the border with South Korea. In the event that N. Korea launches a military assault across the border the S. Korean army will be quickly defeated.

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The US has 28,500 troops stationed in S. Korea. In the event of a war most of those troops will likely be lost.

North Korea considers the United States to be their primary enemy. They have intercontinental ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads that can reach the North American continent. In the event that the US interferes with a military invasion by N. Korea they may use them.

South Korea military on emergency alert in swift reaction to Kim Jong-il’s death

South Korea placed its military on a state of high alert as its government reacted swiftly to news of the death of North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il.

Lee Myung-bak, South Korea’s president, immediately convened a national security council meeting and placed government officials on emergency response status, banning all leave and travel.

Mr Lee also ordered its military on emergency alert, increased border air patrols and asked its United States ally, which posts 28,500 troops in the south, to step up surveillance via planes and satellites.

All police officers were also called to work on emergency duty while commanders were discussing “a detailed course of action” in response to the death of the North Korean leader.

No unusual movements have been observed from the north since the announcement that Kim has passed away, paving the way for the likely succession of his son Kim Jung-un.

However, Mr Lee’s swift, systematic and slightly nervous response reflected a widespread regional caution in handling potential issues which may arise with the unpredictable state at a time of major transition. Read rest of report.


Here is a YouTube video that gives a glimpse at one of the N. Korean tunnels.


A Reuters news report about N. Korean tunnels and nuclear tests.

North Korea digging tunnels for likely nuclear test: report

North Korea is digging tunnels at a site where it has launched two nuclear tests, suggesting it is preparing a third, the South’s Yonhap news agency said on Sunday, a development which would trigger concern across the region. Read Reuters report.


The Rense dot com web site gives a fairly comprehensive analysis of N. Korea’s military ability and their military doctrine regarding a war with the US. The Rense report says that N. Korea sent 100 tunnel warfare experts to help the North Vietnamese build the now-infamous tunnels that North Vietnam used to defeat the US.

Below are excerpts from the Rense report.

N Korea Military Tactics In A War With US

Third, North Korea’s total war plan has two components: massive conventional warfare and weapons of mass destruction.

If the US mounts a preemptive strike on North Korea’s Yongbyon nuclear plants, North Korea will retaliate with weapons of mass destruction: North Korea will mount strategic nuclear attacks on the US targets.

Nuclear weapons are offensive weapons and there is no defense against nuclear attacks except retaliatory nuclear attacks. For this reason, North Korea’s war plan is offensive in nature: North Korea’s war plan goes beyond repulsing US attackers and calls for destruction of the United States. Read entire Rense analysis.