An Israeli web site, which bills itself as an espionage web site, says that the nation of Iran has began building a nuclear weapon. DEBKAfile says that according to their sources in Washington, DC, Iran has embarked on “activities related to possible weaponization.”

There may be some credibility issues with DEBKAfile. Or, they could be telling the truth. Time will tell. Either way it seems that the current path will surely lead to an attack on Iran and probably World War III.

According to the report:

Iran starts building a nuclear weapon: US and Israel tighten cooperation

Iran has embarked on “activities related to possible weaponization,” said American sources Thursday, Dec. 22, thereby accounting for the dramatic reversal of the Obama administration’s wait-and-see attitude on attacking Iran. The change  was articulated this week by US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff Gen. Martin Dempsey.

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