Harvard University professor Barry Fell wrote a book entitled “America B.C.”  which was published in the year 1976. In his book Fell documents that Western Europeans colonized the North American continent before the birth of Jesus Christ.

Due to their idolatry God cast off the northern kingdom of Israel. That was in the year 740 B.C. The northern kingdom of Israel went into the Assyrian Captivity when God cast them off.

The prophet Hosea tells what God told Israel at that point in time: “Hosea 1:9 Then God said: “Call his name Lo-Ammi, For you are not My people, And I will not be your God.

When God cast off Israel He was not their God. So the Israelites made for themselves pagan gods.

The time frame for which Dr. Fell’s indicates that there were Europeans on the North American continent corresponds exactly with when the northern kingdom of Israel went into the Assyrian captivity. Many of the artifacts found by Dr. Fell indicates that the Europeans or Celts worshiped pagan gods.

This section of this blog has pictures from Dr. Fell’s book “America B.C.” that document parts of his work. Dr. Fell’s book can be bought from various book sellers. The pictures displayed in this section are from the original or first publication of the book.

The History Channel interviews Dr. Fell about his work. Below is a YouTube video for part of that interview.